Budapest public transport lines

The transportation system in the hungarian capital is quite good compared to other major cities in Europe. Here we will tell what Budapest public transport lines should you try why you are spending time, pleasure or business, in this great city. The major lines of getting around in the city are the underground metros which give you a rapid way to get from one part of the city to the next. An even larger line of public transportation is 4-6 tram line that goes around the downtown area of the whole city. However beside these efficient lines there are some that are quite unique in the world. For example the 2nd lin of tram rides along the Danube giving you an excellent view of the cities riverside areas, like the Gellért mountain, the Castle, the Parlament and the Margaret island. Within these major means of transportation you can find buses, trams and trollies that connect the city like a spiderweb with a very decent frequency of lines.

budapest public transport